Interim Guidelines for COVID-19

The College of Massage Therapists of BC have based the new required protocols on advice from the Centre for Disease Control, The Public Health Office, and WorkSafeBC. 

Please arrive exactly at your scheduled time. If you arrive early please stay in your vehicle until it is time for you to come inside. Before you enter, please follow the instructions outside the entrance. It's important to sanitize before and after treatment. It is required that you wear a mask as well. 

 There will be a Consent to Treatment Form to fill out on your first visit since the Covid-19. 

A Self Assessment Tool with regards to Covid-19 will have to be filled out with each visit. Please note, if any of the responses to the questions are "yes" treatment cannot be provided. 

The washroom is available. Please following the instructions posted in the bathroom in regards to washing your hands and also sanitizing where you have touched. 

Time has been allotted for cleaning and sanitizing after each client's treatment. This includes door handles, massage table, chairs and tables. 

 Thank you for your patience and understanding regarding these new protocols.


 Debbie Noa, RMT

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