Day in, day out we are constantly beating our bodies up through regular daily activities. No matter what type of work we do, the stresses and strains accumulate to a point where pain is felt. Most often we learn to ignore the pain. However, these stresses and strains can build up to a point where we sustain injury. The result can be a disabling injury and potential loss of ability to work. There are many, many occurrences of this type of injury.

More and more people are realizing the benefits of massage therapy as a tool to prevent unnecessary, repetitive injuries.

By listening to what your body is saying, and maintaining a monthly or bi-monthly check-up with a massage therapist, you can increase your chances of eliminating the long-term side effects to reoccurring pain. We make a habit of maintaining our cars, yards, and homes. Why not make a habit of maintaining our bodies. Take care of yourselves. Life is too short.

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