Rates (GST included)


1 hour – $120.00
45 min – $100.00
90 min – $160.00

With MSP Premium Assistance
1 hour – $97.00
45 min – $77.00
90 min – $137.00

Please note: I am a provider for Pacific Blue Cross and Medavie Blue Cross and invoice these two insurance companies. You just have to pay the deductible at the start of a new year.

With any other insurances companies it is up to the client to send in their receipts to collect payment from the company.

Gift Certificates

“Massage Gift Certificate”
A great gift for those you care about. Spouses, Family members, Athletes, Bosses, Employees, and someone special you
may want to appreciate.

Gift Certificates are available and can be purchased for the full rates stated above.
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