Debbie Noa, RMT

Therapist Profile

Debbie attended the Malaspina College in Duncan, B.C. taking a 24 hour course on Swedish Massage. Realizing her calling, desiring to learn more, she attended the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in Victoria, B.C. The college, highly respected throughout North America, was established in 1983. This 3000-hour program gave her thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and the hands-on techniques gave her the tools needed to provide clients with an alternative health care. She became a member of the College of Massage Therapy and the Massage Therapy Association in March 2007.

It has been a long journey, ending in a career full of future rewards. "It is such a good feeling knowing you have given some relief, which can go a long way, provided the homecare given to the client is maintained." Homecare may include a strengthening exercise, stretching, or some form of hydrotherapy.

"Life as a whole can be demanding, and therefore people experience stress in some form or another. Stress can be a cause of many diseases, slow down healing of many types of injuries, increase symptoms of chronic conditions, and decrease the natural flow of our internal systems. Taking care of yourself will create a positive effect against the hurdles you may face, thereby promoting what everyone hopes for - a happier, healthier, longer life. I look forward to helping restore people's health and well being."

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